AAA-class P2E 3D Shooter Game

The game is ready for launch!

BTDG has been in development for the past 2+ years​




About BTDG

Gamers fight with enemies(AI) and each other to find components of a Portal Key, a portal that unlocks Time-Travel in the Metaverse. With time travel, they are transported back in time to 10,000 BC or zoomed into the future, 2100 AD (Cyberpunk).

BTDG has been in development for the past 2+ years and is now ready for launch

Gamers fight with enemies(AI) and each other to find components of Portal Key, a portal that unlocks Time-Travel in the Metaverse. With time travel, they are transported back in time to 10,000 BC or zoomed into the future, 2100 AD (Cyberpunk).

Game Features


BornToDieGame can be played in both FPS (First Person Shooter) and TPS (Third Person Shooter) mode.

Rich Graphics

The game effects and graphics used in the gameplay are at-par or better than most AAA-class games.

Dynamic Gameplay

With an open world map environment, gamers have the freedom to move in any direction.

Advanced AI

The AI engine takes in parameters like level of the game, skill of the gamer, weapons, etc to give a dynamic difficulty hash for the gameplay.

Play To Earn

BTDG is available in both Free To Play and Play To Earn. Free To Play game is limited to a single map.

Multiple Levels

Each map consists of 10 - 15 levels. Each level takes between 20 - 30 mins to complete. Thus BTDG has a minimum of 600 hours of gameplay.

Multiple Maps / Environments

Next-gen NFT Gaming


Types of NFTs

The Genesis of BornToDie Metaverse is a series of NFTs which forms the essence of what BornToDieGame is. 

Heroes form the core of every gameplay. That makes these NFTs one of the most sort after NFTs in the BTDG metaverse.

As the game gains popularity, rather than selling more Hero NFTs, we will be giving Hero NFT Derivatives, benefitting all investors.

Every gun, jacket, night vision goggles, car, etc in the In-Game Asset list is an NFT, that can be traded, and used in the gameplay.

Gamers will be able collect upgrade NFTs during gameplay. Upgrade NFTs are available for Guns, Knives, Armours, and even Heroes. These can also be traded in the marketplace.

Resource NFTs are an unique aspect of BTDG. It plays an important role in the metaverse. These are tradable on the marketplace.

Key Features

NFT Staking & Rewards

Investors can stake their NFTs to be used in the gameplay, and earn rewards / passive income.

$BORN Tokens

Born Tokens are the native utility and governance tokens in BTDG. All activities outside of the gameplay is with $BORN.

$DIE Tokens

$DIE tokens are the in-game utility tokens in BTDG. Gamers earn $DIE and spend $DIE to mint NFTS in the gameplay.

Exchange / Swap

BTDG comes with an exchange/swap in the game, where gamers can exchange/swap their $BORN / $DIE tokens with stable or other tokens.


Users can trade all NFTs in the marketplace. They can also trade in other third party marketplaces, if the user so desires.

Circular Economy

Special care has been taken to address hyper-inflation problem. The economy is circular and scales seamlessly as more gamers join the game.


Unlike other blockchain games, BTDG started with the game development first. It has been in development for > 2 years. We are almost complete and ready to launch.

Aug 2019


Ideation of BTDG

Founders come together to start building BTDG

Inspired by: Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Fortnite, etc

Aug 2019

Sep - Dec 2019

Game Dev Starts

Team building – 10 member team

Game Dev Begins

Advanced AI engine

Sep - Dec 2019

Jan 2020 - Mar 2021

Game Dev in Progress

Expand team to 21 members

Built 5 Environments

Largest Environment – 75 sq kms

AI Engine version 1

Jan 2020 - Mar 2021

Apr 2021 - Sep 2021

Game Chars Dev

Hero Char Development

Enemy Char Development

Game Physics and Effects

Advanced AI Engine v2

Apr 2021 - Sep 2021

Oct 2021

Test Build

First end-to-end Playable Version – internal testing

Oct 2021

Oct - Dec 2021

Build Community

Start Community Dev

Internal testing

Game Compilation

In-game NFT Design begins

Oct - Dec 2021

Jan 22 - Mar 22

Alpha Release

Private Fund Raise

Non-Blockchain PC-version Beta Release (limited users) 

Community & Partnerships

Genesis NFTs Design

Jan 22 - Mar 22

Apr - Jun 2022

NFTs Launch

More Exchange Listings

11,111 Genesis NFTs

100+ Hero Chars dev

Unique fighting style for each char

Hero NFTs Airdrop

In-Game Assets Airdrop

NFT Staking and Rewards

Blockchain Integration

Community Development & Partnerships

(Surprise Announcement)

Apr - Jun 2022

Apr - Jun 2022

TGE & P2E Game Launch

IDO on Launchpads

TGE – Exchange listing

Game Launch Launch (with P2E) – Phase 1 (PvE mode)

Apr - Jun 2022

Jul - Sep 2022

Tournaments & more

Online Tournaments

Guilds and Communities

More real world partnerships

New in-game Asset NFTs

Jul - Sep 2022

Oct - Dec 2022

Mobile & PvP Mode

More in-game Asset NFTs

New Heroes (Surprises in store)

Mobile Version Launch

PvP mode launch

Oct - Dec 2022

Jan - Jun 2023

New Mission & VR Version

New Mission Launch  every 6 months

New Game Heroes

New in-game assets

New environments

VR Version beta Launch

Launch on Metaverse (Decentraland/others)

Jan - Jun 2023

Jan - Jun 2023

New Era Begins

Jan - Jun 2023

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