Born To Die Game (BTDG) is a AAA-class 3D shooter game in the metaverse. The gamers fight with enemies (PvE), Peers (PvP) to find components of the portal key which unlocks time-travel in the metaverse.

BTDG will support Player vs Environment (PvE), Multi-Player (PvP), and Battleground mode (50-100 players).

BTDG had two modes

Free-To-Play: Players get to experience the game and its free to play on a single environment without having to pay an access fee. Players will not be rewarded in this mode.

Play-To-Earn: Players require Game Pass NFTs or can pay with our in game token $BORN. They get access to multiple environments and can collect rare NFTs, unlock rewards, and upgrade their Game assets.

Gamers / Players can get multiple game access packs and save up to 30% on the game access fees.

The play-to-earn game model is where players can monetise the amount of time they spend playing BTDG.

BTDG will be available on Windows, Mac and mobile devices (Android and iOS). We are planning on releasing the game on consoles like Playstation and Xbox in the future also.

BTDG will offer multi-chain gameplay and will support wallets for multiple chains like ETH, Polygon, BSC and Solana

The tokenomics will be uploaded on the website soon. 

BTDG will be having IDO on some of the top tier Launchpads. There is also an IGO for NFTs.
The dates of both IDO and IGO will be announced soon.

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